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Available in two styles - Single or Double Roller.

Exclusive to Elizabeth Richards!

Many children with autism spectrum disorder experience sensory processing issues.

Sensory processing is the ability to both interpret and organise information that is received through the senses. Parents and caregivers can assist by incorporating calming and organising activities throughout the day and by making adaptations to the environment.

Children may have difficulties processing tactile sensory information, such as light touch and pressure, causing unsettled behaviour, discomfort and distraction.

The Steamroller delivers sensory input through calming, deep pressure in a fun and engaging way. The degree of pressure may be adjusted to allow the appropriate level of proprioceptive feedback for each individual child.

The Steamroller is perfect for use in clinics, classrooms or homes and is a fun way for children to gain the deep sensory input they crave. The rollers are covered in soft foam and durable, easy to clean vinyl.

Always use under adult supervision.

Each Steamroller measures - 62cmL x 62cmW x 40cmH

Available in two styles -

Single Roller: Maximum gap opening measurement 58cm. Rollers 52cm wide. Recommended for children under 45kg

Double Roller: Maximum gap opening measurement 58cm. Rollers 52cm wide.Recommended for children under 80kg

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